PowerLift Hydraulic Hangar Doors of Florida

Now in Florida, PowerLift Hydraulic Doors are the very best option for your home, business, or farm. Every PowerLift Hydraulic and Hangar Door is custom built for you and installed by our highly trained professionals.

- - - NOTICE - - -

March 2016 - We have been receiving almost daily phone calls and emails from numerous customers, contractors, pilots, and airport operators around Florida and the rest of the US, with reports that another company who also manufactures a similar hydraulic swing style door has been taking large deposits on door sales and then consistently failed to ever deliver. This has been the case for too many within the past 2-3 months and early 2016.

Many remember the last time our industry had a similar occurrence when many contractors and people each lost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in the first round of misdoings by this company. PowerLift Doors of FL is located right here locally to manufacture and install the best Hydraulic Doors on the market, there is no reason to deal with a questionable company located out of state or even out of the country! 

PowerLift Doors has no affiliation in any way with any other company, nor has PL ever been affiliated with another company. In 25 Years PowerLift has never failed to deliver a door or get the job done. 

If you or someone you know has lost money or been affected by this company, you are encouraged to first contact PowerLift Doors to order the door you need, and then contact the following authorities to file a formal complaint.

2) San Diego County District Attorneys Office http://www.sdcda.org/office/contact/

3) US Attorney Generals Office, Southern California District https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdca/criminal-division




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All PowerLift Hydraulic Doors come with:

  • Local, Responsive Service:
    All PowerLift service centers across North America assure you personalized service. Your PowerLift door is custom built, delivered and installed to suit your application perfectly.
  • Lifetime Warranty:
    The very best door comes with the very best warranty. The confidence we have in our product is reflected in our door structure being guaranteed for the life of your building.
  • Installation:
    The only company to always install each and every door. Experienced and company trained installers make your project go smoother, quicker and gives you confidence that your door is professionally completed.
  • Quality:
    You will appreciate the PowerLift culture of quality in your own custom PowerLift door. The PowerLift all-welded single panel door structure is unmatched for strength and long life.
  • Design:
    Each door is custom designed and built to meet your specific purpose along with all relevant building codes and wind load requirements.
  • Value:
    We are confident that you wont find a better value anywhere on a delivered and installed hydraulic door, go ahead and compare. Request a Quote from us today!

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